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Please do not remove any external tags from the fish as they are important for future data collection.

Select the type of external tag or other mark from the drop down menu above to generate a list of contact information for people or agencies that have either tagged or re-captured the fish. For more information on tag and mark types, see below.

Types of External Tags
Monel, Disc, FloyT, and FloyCinch

Monel (metal) tag
Disc Tag
FloyT Tag
FloyCinch Tag

There have been a number of external tags used to mark sturgeon. The Monel Tag is a metal tag that is usually clamped around the front or back of the dorsal fin or gill cover. The Disc Tag is a flat round plastic tag that can come in different colors. The FloyT Tag (also known as a spaghetti tag) is a long round plastic tag that can come in different colors and is attached to the fish at only one end. The FloyCinch tag (also known as a loop tag) is similar to the FloyT Tag except that it is attached to the fish at both ends forming a loop. Most of these tags should have some agency contact information such as the agency, an address or phone number, and an individual tag number printed on the tag.

Other Marks
FinClips and CWTs


Some lake sturgeon have been fin clipped (had a fin removed). Fin names are shown on the following diagram and are further designated as being from either the Right or Left side of the fish.

Lake sturgeon diagram

Some lake sturgeon have been marked with coded-wire-tags. These tags are injected under the skin in various locations on the fish and are not visible. Their presence can only be detected with a special metal detector.