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Data Submission Instructions for the Great Lakes Lake Sturgeon Tag Identification Database

The database contains two data tables, one for PIT tags and one for external tags and other marks. The PIT Tag Table contains records for each individual PIT tag used or encountered in a lake sturgeon. The External Tag and Other Marks Table includes records for other types of marks or tags used to identify lake sturgeon, but not individual records for each tag number. In addition the database will include contact information. Table structures for the data tables are as follows:

Data submission forms

Access Forms (316 Kb) or Excel Forms (20 Kb)

You may submit your data either as MS Access tables or as Excel tables. Include only the requested data fields. No other data is needed or will be accepted.Compliance with these standards will insure timely inclusion of data and help reduce errors associated with interpreting submitted data.

PIT_Tag_Table Fields Key

Pit tags need to be in decimal (not hexidecimal). Click here for a conversion table. Enter the 10 or 15 digit/character PIT tag number. Remember only letters A through F and numbers 0 through 9 are used in any PIT tag sequence.

External_Tag_and_Other_Marks_Table Field Key

Select from dropdown box or enter new tag type

Select from dropdown box or enter new tag color

Enter information printed on the tag such as agency, address, zip code, phone number, etc. excluding tag series numbers. See example in data submission forms.

Enter the range of numbers within your tag sequence.

Enter text describing where the tag was attached or inserted

If you have questions contact the database manager, Justin Chiotti at or 248-891-0087.